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September 05th, 1999 - December 28th, 1999

December 28th, 1999

I tried to upload an English version of the Gods and a new topic on the Ramesside Smile, but failed. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, after all...

December 01st, 1999

Now we are moved to new server. It is a little bit faster for international calls, I hope this achievement is a benefit for you. On our Hungarian pages the 'Gods' page was uploaded, and the English version is coming soon. ESzAH wrote new topic about the Ramesside smile, where you can learn how to relate Mona Lisa and The Great Sphinx. We have some other topics prepared, some minor editing are needed and they will turn up on your screen. A good friend of ours is about to present a brand new search engine, as I mentioned it previously. Now it is under beta-testing, and by the next update we'd like to serve it while it is hot! :o) Now press a CTRL D to bookmark our page, and visit us again and again ;o)

November 21st, 1999

This time we come out with a brand new topic where I try to guess the real meaning of Akhet. This is traditionally translated as horizon, but leaves lots of blank spots. You can find out more following the Topics page. I have corrected some mistakes, mainly spelling ones... :o) An interesting news: a search engine is under development, which helps you to find specific terms and words on our pages. And this forces us to move the site to different server, so watch out for the news! We have other things to catch your interest, and... but I'd better wait till they come. You can count with frequent updates.
If you could do with a link to our pages on your Windows Desktop, here we offer three icons of 256 colours, 48X48 size support: Noble Head, Cephren, and Thutmosis III. Download them, then create link to the Desktop (usually drag the URL with the right button of your mouse, then select 'Create shortcut'). Then right-click on the shortcut, select 'Properties...' and 'Change Icon...' button, and browse for the desired icon. We are using the 'Noble Head' you've seen on the Intro screen...

November 12th, 1999

Well, that was a long break! It has tons of reasons: I was abroad, ESzAH buried herself into her studies (though I suggested her a pyramid...). But life doesn't stop just don't show any sign of itself. At last, I've found the bug which caused the Netscape Navigator to show the frame borders, despite all settings. On my machine it works, so if you find a bug, please make me know. We have e-mail links all over the place, I don't put one here, so you'd better to browse a bit (up, up, up, can't you see?). We have a topic at last, about discovering the Ancient Egypt. Yet it is a short profile about this great adventure of archaeology and historic studies, just mentioning the most important names, but I will extend it with brief info about the top men. The Gods don't want to get ready, ESzAH works on them, but a day has only 24 hours and she'd better to slee-ee-eep at night... So, I ask patience in this case. And stay online, coming soon!

September 27th, 1999

Well, the Topics still "coming soon", and Gods rise rather slow, due to circumstances previously unforeseen. However, few more bugs were eliminated (replaced?), but I gave up the fight with the ever failing counters. On the other hand, a topic about discovery of Ancient Egypt is on the schedule - maybe this will coming first? At last, we have some little surprise for Nokia mobile phone users: for suitable models we offer operator and group logos for free download. If it is your cup of tea, follow the link (also available from "Wallpapers" page - maybe I should rename it to "Bazaar"?)

September 19th, 1999

Everything seems to get into its place, and I corrected and repaired things that were corrupted while uploaded. Even some file were corrupted by the compression software, but it seems like I can handle the situation. :o) Nonetheless, we have new things: we have the Catalogue of pictures we used, and you can download a little surprise from the Wallpapers page - it is 7 kilobytes at all, worth to try. I won't tell you now, what is that. On Wallpapers you'll know, I couldn't hold my keyboard back... :o) Since the last "official" upload we have a slightly different frame structure to accommodate the Glossary permanently at hand, and we've a JAVA clock somewhere down there, on the left, I guess... The full size picture windows has been changed, they have their windows just on the right size, fixed. And we have lots of interesting things to come up with, ESzAH and me took our favourites and - well, you'll see, when they're here!

September 11th, 1999.

The wallpaper gallery is increased now, and ESzAH nearly came out with her favourite quotations. (This quotations stuff is hard a bit... She didn't want to re-translate things, and most of quotations we have, are in Hungarian. So, if you have your favourites and don't mind to share them, please e-mail them to me (Born) or to ESzAH! Thank you!) Another new thing is our GuestBook, and finally, it works!

September 5th, 1999.

Here we come! As the time always less than one needs, we put on relatively few stuff in time. At this moment the Starting page (what you read), Recommendation of books, the Kings' List, and the Gettin' Started pages were uploaded. We begun to fill up the Glossary, put on some Links (mainly to English written sites), and we plan a Catalogue of applicated pictures. The [Magyar] link leads to the mirror pages in Hungarian.


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