On this page we intend to raise issues that meet the interest of the “crowds” those like the ancient Egyptian civilization. Who hanged the pyramids to the Giza Plateau? How is this with the curse of the pharaohs? What damage tourists do on the monuments and what shall be done against it? Why did Thutmosis III hate Queen Hatshepsut so much as he did everything to erase even her memory from history and why didn’t he succeed? So finally did Rameses II win or lose at Qadesh? Who is watching us from the face of the Sphinx and what was its function?
The literature of the raised questions is very detailed, so we are not here to write another book about any of them. We are here to give a brief and summarized overview for the amateur inquirers about some crumbs of the Egyptian civilization that most engaged our interest. Presenting the most common opinions (plus our own) beside the officially accepted theory, we put the emphasis on sharing information not on being scientific and we don’t intend to be exhaustive.

ESzAHAfter starting the creative dispute with a couple of issues, our objective is to drop a topic every month but the old ones will still be available in the archives maintained for this reason. The topics are open for any kind of discussion and expression of opinion. Every comment and suggestion about further issues are warmly welcome either on the Forum,  or via e-mail us, ESzAH or Born. Have a good browsing and discussion!


Topic of the month: The Sandal Bearer July 25th, 2000

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