Laszlo KŠkosy Died

After long illness, Laszlo KŠkosy died in his year 71. He was one of the greatest Hungarian Egyptologists. He taught generations of Egyptologists; and the disciplined amateurs collected the most of their knowledge from his books - first of all, Sons of Ra, a general work on culture and history of Ancient Egypt, which commonly called "THE KAKOSY". Our site often refers to his works, cite his translations - number of his "students" will still increasing after his death.

Let us remember him with a quotation from an interview (about Tomb of Djehewtymes, a Theban project led by him):

"For an Egyptian, existence gets its meaning in the eternal dimensions, and in his eyes the dream-like moment of Staying on the Earth melted up in the Infinity of Afterlife."

29th January 2003

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Born 2B Wide at the Cheops PyramidOn this page you can check the changes, new things offered to you. It is easier to track down the actual topics, updates, upgrades, corrections, we hope. We've some gifts for you: we selected some pictures mainly of our owns, to download and use for Windows Wallpaper or as you like, if no modification applied.

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August 28th, 2000

This is the time, when ESzAH introduces one of the top Gods of Egypt: his divine majesty, ruling god of Thebes and the Two Countries, Amun is here! His companion is the mysterious Khepera. The topic on the Rulers of the Wastelands is ready and replaced its synopsis - I think ESzAH did nice job with it! The Books part of our site now features something new: ESzAH's thoughts about Anne Rice's The Mummy or Rameses the Damned appears if you follow the link of the book's title. Born updated the Glossary and the Catalogue, too. We have more on the schedule, so keep on beeing online! ;o) And don't forget to sign the GuestBook because it's entries are the most powerful fuel of the publishers ;o)

July 25th, 2000

The vacation has finally arrived, so I have as much time as I want to spend on developing the homepage. Born is not lazy either! :- ) First we have filled our good old favourites with new contents. In the "Topics" Born shares his adoration about one of his favourite historical personalities. It is Senenmut, a mysterious figure of the age of Queen Hatshepsut. The title is "The Sandal Bearer". You can find new entries among the "Quotations" that represent the new experience of both of us, and we also recommend some new books for you in the "Books" section. For the sake of our readers we are about to open a new section in which we will deal with "Egyptian" movies. To read the introductory click on the EgyptoMedia cartouche. Have a nice surfing here and check us out frequently. We will come up with new exciting entries soon.


June 3rd, 2000

In the last months we were do two interesting topics on the Hungarian version, but their translations are difficult ones. One of them is about the Hyksos, the other one presents the Sandal Bearer, Hatshepsut's secretary and advisor, and possibly lover Senenmut. This latter one is sitting on the fence (certainly not Senenmut, but the article on him), while the Hyksos topic is presented now with a brief synopsis, which will be replaced when the full version is translated and uploaded. But we do not come with bare hands. As you can see, the ToC cartouches are rearranged for a more logical order, and the former Wallpapers section has new name. If you click on this Bazaar link, you will find that the new look took new contents, too. Beside the Wallpapers, Nokia logos and Windows icons we are proudly present a new Wallpaper collection and Born's Kemet animated cursor set for download. That's all for now, but we have further ideas, so stay online with us!

April 27th, 2000

Some minor corrections happened, and the Kings' List is rearranged to several smaller pages, which is intended to shorten download time. If you have any question or you want to share your opinion, you can join to Ancient Egypt mailing list on E-Groups, or, if you write and read Hungarian, you are invited to our Forum (links from Hungarian mirror). May is coming, and we are about to issue new topics. We have several interesting themes on schedule, so you'd like to see what will turn up here... Come and see!

April 22nd, 2000

This time we have rearranged and slightly updated Getting Started section for easier download and navigation, and an important request on the Expenses page of it. Also we have new quotations to share. New wallpapers and the topic about the Hyksos are on their way. Actually, they are nearly in the sight. Have a good browse and come again!

April 14th, 2000

Against all of our intentions, we had a long break since I changed my ISP and changed my home. But the site improved while I was far from the net. We have new God entry about Min, a god of visibly divine qualities, and ESzAH made a topic which has actuality since Easter is coming. It is about the Exodus - from another point of view. We have some new links which she find worth to suggest, and the picture Catalogue is updated. Wihtin our further plans there are new wallpapers, some really great topics about the Hyksos and other themes, and I have found interesting lines to quote, too. Have a pleasant browse, and visit us again - and don't forget to sign the GuestBook!

February 11th, 2000

Only minor corrections made this upload necessary, and few technical changes. First of all, the Glossary window got bigger on public demand, and Topics has the same new link system what we presented on the Gods pages. How do you like them? Write us in the Guestbook or e-mail.
We plan to present a new topic as soon as possible. ESzAH's investigations shed light upon a rather dark period of Egypt's history. It's first version is sitting on the fence, but pictures will come later only. We have temporary technical limitations now. ESzAH did an interesting new topic, too, which will raise some arguments, hopfully. It was not on the schedule but worth to make a "special edition". At this moment I think it will come around March, but you will find other ideas, and some gods are waiting to be introduced. So, press CTRL D to bookmark our page, and surf here again!

February 7th, 2000

May you be granted life, stability and wealth! Born and myself spent our after-holidays and after-exam-period vacation on developing our beloved homepage. The outcome you can see here from today.
The most significant improvement concerned the „Gods” chapter. Two further gods joined our (yet) incomplete pantheon. This time Horus (my eponym) and Thot (public favourite no.1. among the students) shined forth on the horizon of the site and I tried to summarize everything about them that could inspire you to cultivate their cult. :-) Furthermore Born has executed a large-scale technical modification in order to accelerate the navigation among the entries. From today you can meet the gods on separate links.
Many mistakes have been corrected, and a new link-system has been uploaded, again for your easier navigation - also thanks to Born.
And our enthusiasm is not fading. We try very hard to overcome our uncontrollable homesickness to Egypt, which usually culminates at the beginning of February, and we transform all our desperation about the climate of our tiny homeland into positive energy and charge it into our homepage. Born is burning the midnight oil with a composition about one of the most mysterious personalities of the 18th dynasty – more precisely the succession fight of the Thutmosides. I am making an investigation about the Hyksos and their expulsion. The result will be available among the topics soon. More gods are about to join their lucky relatives who have already been present in the ’Gods’ section. Their identity shall still remain in the twilight of the Western Horizon.
These are our plans for the near future but now let’s concentrate on the present:


January 23rd, 2000

Close your eyes for a while, and take a deep breath... The sounds are fading, lights go out, silence fills up the rows. The spotlights focusing to the centre, the silence grows heavier... Then the fanfares cry out, the drums, nays, lyrae and sistra chants strange but friendly rhythms you have to move your legs with... And the curtains roll up, and the ubiquitous stars of Egypt step into the stage - The Gods! (Applause)
Well... After a greater-than-usual mistake eliminating sťance we came up with brand new spelling mistakes... :o) But not our spelling is the only one what improved. The Ramesside Smile topic has new and more suitable pictures, and as you read it, the Gods are here, too... Four of them, for the start. We have additional information for the Kings' List and new picture of them, we have new books to recommend, and some new quotations on the Hungarian page. Unfortunately the English quotations don't come easy. We have improved Glossary and up-to-date picture Catalogue, new navigation links at the page bottoms - beware of the popup texts! Because of the different manners as the different browsers handle the pictures, I had to rearrange the popup... well, crawl-up big-picture pages, and we have our English search engine under pre-alpha testing. We gotta keep up to the pace of Hungarian pages, because the translation cannot take place in December.
Yes, we have our plans, of course. ESzAH has new topic in her mind, but no details are available by this time. I take notes on the owner of the tomb wearing the TT 353 number plate :o) What does it mean? Well, this mean you'd better come back next time, too!

January 09th, 2000

Here we come with the promised topic and a new one about Thutmosis III and the reason why we call him 'His Royal Mouseness'. Gods are re-translated and we have new pictures for them, some minor corrections have to be made. I hope I can upload it within a week.
The new year came to us with a nice surprise. Here is it:

The Sphinx Award
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that are presented with excellence in design, layout, and presentation.

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