Rekhew Inewt
("Who Knows the Things")


If you type a word or more into the box below, you can find the pages fast, where the expression turns up. The result page contains a list of those words what you searched for, along with the page titles. When you type in more than one words, partial search is available, assuming that hits are less than ten. Only the first ten pages are listed but you can check the total number of pages. If the total hits exceeds ten you can refine your search clicking to the new search link and typing in more criteria. At this point you cannot use wildcards, but further development is on schedule.

How can I use Rekhew Inewt?

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1999-2000 CGI search engine by Trapeer
Please visit his site!


How can I use Rekhew Inewt?

Enter the expression you are looking for. Be aware of the correct spelling. The search engine converts to the basic form of the word, but cannot cope with past time and past participle of verbs. Accented characters are converted to their unaccented forms. You cannot use wildcards and logical operators. When you cannot find foreign names or Egyptian expressions, consider the alternative spellings. Unfortunately, Egyptian names and words have several spellings, all of them could be written many ways. For more adventurous searching, even we both use different name forms, e.g. ESzAH prefers 'Rameses' while Born uses 'Ramesses'.

The search engine looks up the words in the text containing pages, where you will find Egypt related topics. It does not waste time with the Copyright page and TOC, and would not even try the pages containing pictures only. It would not annoy you neither with Hungarian pages. If you looking for a Hungarian article, switch to the Hungarian version here. As the search result it will give you the total number of hits along with the links of first ten pages, too. If the page you are looking for is missing from the list, click the new search link and give more criteria or refine your search. The sequence of words has no importance, you will get the same list whether you type "old kingdom pharaoh name" or "name pharaoh kingdom old". If the results are less than ten pages, the partial results are listed, too.

At this point we would like to say thanks to Trapeer, our friend who wrote the CGI search engine. He is the living example of Seth as helpful deity!
(Well, this needs some explanation... Trapeer sometimes turns up as Seth on IRC. This comes from the motion picture "City of Angels", not from Egypt, but we are forgiving people :o) He takes great care of our enterprise, and that is what counts. Here I have to mention that the JavaScript for opening the pictures in their separate window of adjusted size is his work, too. Thank you, Trapeer!

We would like to say thanks to Gabor Agardi and the SWI, too, because they make it possible to use CGI on their server, and accomodate ANcient Egypt despite the fact it is not exactly "SWI-conform" (e.g. for easier browse we open the pictures in separate windows which is unwelcomed)

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