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The Ancient Egypt

On this place you find a home page intended to introduce the Ancient Egypt - in a slightly different way. We'd like to share what we know about it, a bit deeper than it is taught at the school, and through interesting stories and our private opinions. This site is permanently under construction, yet - due to lack of feedback - we felt that there is no good to continuously update the English version for nothing. If you find something interesting in our Hungarian pages what is missing from English parts, just drop a mail to get contact with us and we will give some references.

The site made by three - ESzAH and Meruira as a (would be) Egyptologist and HoremWeb, who is like a keen but rookie amateur, and doesn't protest against it :o) The magic of history of the Ancient Egypt means a lot for all of us. Even ESzAH's and HoremWeb's friendship has been started somewhere in the Egyptian desert. So we have our private experiences and impressions, and lots of the pictures you'll find here are selected from our own photos. Here is a sample for start: the picture has been taken in tomb of Mereruka (6th. dynasty), by HoremWeb. The top picture is a detail of an etching by David Roberts, about Dendarah.

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Wall detail from Mereruka's tomb (6th din.) - Click here to open in separate window, full size.

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