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Gods of Ancient Egypt

. Amun
. Anubis
. Apis
. Hapi
. Hathor
. Horus
. Khepera
. Min
. Seth
. Thot

On this page we intend to introduce the Egyptian gods and goddesses - from another point of view. We tried to focus on the most interesting, most funny, most romantic, most touching moments of the Egyptian mythology. So ESzAH proudly presents THE ALMIGHTY GODDESSES AND GODS OF EGYPT.
As a preface to each entry we have tried to summarize very briefly their role, and family relations and give you a basic description about their appearance. Just in case you meet them someday ... you know (ancient Egyptian drog recipes coming soon).
If you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or just wanna say 'hi!' feel free to use our Forum, the GuestBook or e-mail us, ESzAH, or Born.


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