Browser Specific Notes


Because of different ways of browsers handling the html pages and Java, some features appear different according to the browser you use. With some minor notes we'd like to help you to cope with them. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Opera 3.60 users will find here useful hints.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5

While Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 displays our pages as we intended, IE5 makes silly mistakes.

Despite to the set resolution, IE5 sometimes displays the bottom scrollbars of the main frames, needed or not. It is rare use to maximize the browser or switch to full view, but you can try resize the browser window. It helps if you have a lucky hand (or two).

Opera 3.60

Opera is a smart little browser and I am about to make this site compatible with it. I consider that any site fails on Opera is not fully conform with the html specifications, but some parts of the html specifications need developments I think. :o)

Well, no fatal or major failures occurred when I tested the site with Opera but some annoying 'phenomena' made me write this disclaimer.

The most disturbing is caused by the rather complex frame structure what I think useful and needed to accommodate the Glossary always at hand. Sometimes the last loaded frame pops up full screen. You can press [ ALT ] [ left arrow ] to step back and the structure reveals from under the volunteering page.

Neither Opera, nor the html specifications don't support the justified text. It is not vital, but sometimes disturbing that the alignment is 'funny' because it is justified originally, and Opera figures out something to use instead. Since I was pressman I am disturbed by the ragged margins and on most browsers justified texts looks nice, so I keep them. I try to find all the places where I can instruct Opera to use either of alignment instead of justify but it takes lots of time. Thanks Horus, the concept is clear now: set alignment as page default then give justify for paragraphs individually, and it works.

Java applets sometimes act strange with Opera. I had troubles with the active buttons (hover buttons) so I neglected them. If you have some comment, it is heartly welcomed! I hope the other active parts will work well. I tried some and found them OK. Only one thing to keep in mind: don't open multiple full size picture windows, because Opera tends to depart beyond the western mountains when you do - sorry, it dies from it! Always close the previous full size picture window before you open the new one. And since some links open them directly, close those windows as soon as you can.

Opera doesn't support the background image with tables and cells. On some pages it makes harder to read the text, but it is a slight difference. Because most people uses Explorer or Navigator I don't want to spoil the image. Just to mention: the site made with FrontPage and looks best under Explorer. Some table effects fail even under Netscape but this is the less important thing I think.

If you have any idea to make the site better or more compatible with different browsers, especially the Opera, I am happy to receive a mail about it! Please write only when you have the solution, too. I can't cope with ideas like "it would be nice to see authentic video about building of Karnak Temple" (I had one like this!), but if you write me 'I like this and this and you could do it so and so' I am ready to do it. If I can.

If you want to contact us, feel free to use the GuestBook - the English guestbook sends me an e-mail about every signs in it. Also you can e-mail us, we are happy to reply if you allow us few days. You can e-mail me on the following addresses:

Technical stuff       - b2bwide(a)    - Accessible for HoremWeb only

Egypt related stuff - info(a)     - both accessible for ESzAH and Born - try this for general questions.

Egypt related stuff - eszah(a) - Accessible for ESzAH only - try this for harder stuffs, when you need a pro ;o)

Have a good browse, and visit us again and again. We try to update frequently.

Sh.S. 132-134

"If you are brave and control your heart,
you shall embrace your children,
you shall kiss your wife,
you shall see your home."

                                Sh.S. 132-134


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