Magic of Egypt through the Silver Screen

The mystery and romance of the ancient Egypt has inspired not only the authors but also the world of the movie. The motion picture industry has bombed us with "mummies" and "pharaohs" for decades. There are many B category horror-foulnesses among them but also some really valuable masterpieces, which beside entertaining give the audience a good view on the Egyptian civilization. We don't know to what extent this view is official since the Two Lands are not too talkative about those slices of her past that would make us able to reconstruct her everyday life as a movie scene.
Besides there are many documentary films that tell about the ancient Egypt without the veil of romance. Sometimes these are excellent and thorough educational works, prepared with the most detailed scientific accuracy which are very valuable because they use a language free of professional lingo and explain their subject with words easy to understand also for the amateur fans of the ancient Egypt. Beside their many undoubted advantages these documentaries often include material errors and conclusions based on insufficient evidence.

Here you can read about our favourite 'Egyptian' movies, about the ones that really stuck us to our seats in front of the movie or the TV screen.

We don't want to construct another movie-homepage (in each entry you will find some links where you can search for more information if you need) but we feel the need of sharing the pleasure these movies gave and keep on giving us over and over again.

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