ESzAHOn this page you can see a short review about our favourite books. They represent various and different genre and style, the only common feature they have: all of them are related to Egypt on a way or another. We intended to put the emphasize on the entertaining literature but for the sake of inquirers we added some summary work about the history and culture of the ancient Egypt. We would like to compose an opinion-collection for which YOUR personal opinion is essential. If you read it, you liked or disliked it, if you have any comment to tell about it, please let us know via e-mail on info(a) address. If you read anything you don't see listed but you miss it, do the same. You can even use our Forum to share your opinion and suggest your favourites. Every comment is warmly welcome.


With the book recommendation we were helped by Wendy (Neferkare) and Heather of E-Groups* Ancient Egypt mailing list - life, prosperity and health for them!




Hillary Wilson Understanding Hieroglyphs summary work The point is the ability to recognize names and frequent formulas and the book leads through step by step introducing the main elements of names of persons and places, titles, and the most common phrases. At the end you are invited to solve your first inscription, too. Certainly you can check the result.
Kent R. Weeks The Lost Tomb - This Is His Incredible Story of KV5 and Its Excavation documentary The tomb known as KV 5 has been discovered for a long time when Weeks and his team stated to excavate it but nobody knew who had been its owner. After Week's painstaking excavation it has turned out that it was the resting place of the sons of Rameses the Great. The book provides a detailed insight into the daily routine of an excavation in Egypt revealing the pleasures and difficulties of this work. (ESzAH)
Perhaps the KV5 is the only tomb that has a home page, where you can check out the further results of the excavations. (Born)
K. A. Kitchen Pharaoh Triumphant: The Life and Times of Ramesses II, King of Egypt documentary The title does not lie! The book includes EVERY information available about Rameses the Great that includes a clearly arranged schedule about the events of his life and excellent maps of the regions he reigned. It is also a very rare and precious source for the exact translation of the first peace treaty concluded between Rameses and Hattusilis III, Hittite King. Do you want to know everything about his life and times? This is the book for you! I am a Rameses-fan and this book has satisfied me! (ESzAH)
Nicholas Reeves - Richard H. Wilkinson The Complete Valley of the Kings documentary This is competent and very thorough work about the KV with sketches of the tombs, exact data about and story of their discovery and catalogue of the objects found within. It is very useful if you search for a specific data or information but also very interesting to read even if you just want to know more about the KV and its tombs. (ESzAH)
Graham Hancock - Robert Bauval The Message of the Sphinx essay This time Mr. Hancock gained inspiration from the Sphinx. In his opinion* the Great Sphinx of Giza mediates message for the people of our age. But what this message may be??? * in ours, too
Robert Bauval -
Adrian Gilbert
The Orion Mystery essay The scientists of the Hancock team search the answer to the question we raise over and over again: Who built the pyramids and for what reason? The specialty of the book is the appendix which includes the articles published by the authors about the subject.
Georg Ebers Uarda novel
The story is set into the age of Rameses II. Its main virtue is the extreme historical accuracy which is not a surprise if we consider that Ebers was one of the most acknowledged Egyptologists of his age and also very talented as author.
Anne Rice The Mummy or Ramses the Damned novel

The author seems to share our opinion: "Rameses is alive!"
A British Egyptologist finds an extraordinary mummy, which identifies himself as Rameses II. in his inscriptions. What more! He considers himself to be immortal. Then who is the fellow lying safe in the Museum of Cairo? And who is the young, vital man who enjoys the hospitality of the Egyptologist's house in London?
The book is crime-story, a romance and an adventure story in one. On its page the great pharaoh of the XIX. dynasty comes alive who was really immortal for his people but also a human being with human emotions.

Anne Rice has made an old dream of mine come true: she has brought Rameses II to our age (to the beginning of our century, actually) and asked him what I would ask if I could ever meet him (may the gods make that happen!)
Mika Waltari Sinuhe novel
On the pages of the novel you can see the Amarna-age come alive by the biography of Sinuhe, the pharaoh's confident. The author tells the story as the curriculum vitae of the leading character, that gives a view not only Egypt but the world of some other ancient cities.
Christian Jacq Ramesses novel
This is romantic novel about the reign and age of Rameses the 2nd. It describes his life from his early teens to his death through the greatest events of his reign like the battle of Qadesh, the ten plagues and the exodus and the famous compromise with the Hittites that had become the first peace-treaty of the history 5 volumes
(Not much a literature, unfortunately)
Wilbur Smith River God novel
This adventure novel is based on a real ancient Egyptian story which was found on an excavation of Theban tomb. The leader archaeologist of the dig asked the popular author to interpret the ancient story for the contemporary requirements. May say that this is the most outstanding book of the author. The story reveals the circumstances of the chaos in the the Second Intermediate Period.
Wilbur Smith The Seventh Scroll novel
Composed upon the "River God" but I wouldn't call is a sequel. The archaeologists of our age search for the tomb of pharaoh Mamose upon the instructions of the scrolls. Their mission has to face difficulties caused by greedy treasure-seekers and ancient spirits.
Robin Cook Sphinx novel
The young Egyptologist girl hopes to have found something "important". Instead she gets into trouble. Crime, adventures and romance in today's Egypt. Good. (ESzAH)
Really good, but is more about Egypt of our time than Ancient Egypt. (Born)
Boleslaw Prus Pharaoh novel (historic) This book is about the struggle between the pharaoh and the clerics at the end of the 20th dynasty after which Egypt fell into the Late Period. It shows us the reign of the fictional 12th and 13th Rameses and Herihor - latest is not fictional) A real grand novel. Excellent! (ESzAH)
It's a must2read book. And check out the film if you can, details and scenes are as authentic as they can!  (Born)
Paul Brunton Secrets of Egypt essay The book was written in the 30s and the first work that gives an insight into the mysteries of the ancient Egypt for the European inquirer. You, who bother to read it surely will look on these ancient vast monuments through different eyes. This book made me come to decision to choose Egyptology as my profession. (ESzAH)
Mr. Brunton failed to prevent himself from selecting the facts to the theory. If you consider this, you have a brilliant and wise book on the misteries of ancient and modern Egypt. (Born)
Alberto Siliotti The Valley of the Kings art Gives an excellent and detailed outlook on the most significant tombs of all the three valleys on the Western Bank. Beautiful pictures. Brief but informative descriptions, unbeatable pictures - it's a must-have book.
Michel Peyramaure Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile novel A novel about the reign of Cleo and her relationship with Caesar and Antonius. Through their love he author reveals the age of the Ptolemaic Egypt, the glitter of the Alexandrine court and the historic connection between the dying Egypt and the powerful Roman Empire.
Baines - Malek The Atlas of the Ancient Egypt summary work This is a brief and accurate summary of the history and culture of the Ancient Egypt including maps, name-rings and an excellent pyramid-catalogue.
Regine Schultz / Matthias Seidel  Egypt - The World of the Pharaohs summary work A huge book which provides informative essays and beautiful pictures about every field of the ancient Egyptian culture.
Philipp von Zabern The Official Catalogue of the Egyptian Museum - Cairo art Most of the pieces of the collection can be found in this catalogue with high-quality full descriptions, including the map of the museum and a short summary about the history, art and religion. You can also find a glossary at the end. Unfortunately I have never seen it elsewhere than in the shop of the museum. (ESzAH)
A. Rosalie David Egyptian Kingdoms summary work Another good summary with small lexicon too. It is detailed about the history and focuses on pyramid- and temple-architecture as well as on Amarna-age and the Tutankhamun treasure.
Philip Vandenberg The Curse of the Pharaohs research This book gives you a view on the circumstances of the Tutankhamun excavation and raises some very interesting questions.
Erich von Daniken The Eyes of the Sphinx research, theories The author seeks the answer and gives his own "a bit extraterrestrial" explanation for the questions of the ancient Egyptian civilization. You are not obliged to agree but the most of the issues he focuses on have not been answered yet, not even by the scholars of Egyptology. Daniken has rather special points of view, but worth to read and think about it. (Born)
Graham Hancock The Fingerprints of Gods research This book is not only about Egypt, but highlights an outstandingly interesting theory about the down of mankind, through the artefacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization.
Ch. Deroches- Noblecourt Tutankhamun history, archaeology It gives you a detailed description of the Tutankhamun-excavation and resurrects the childhood, short reign and tragedy of the young king through the Amarna-family.
James/Davis The Egyptian Sculpture art This book describes the topic through the collection of the British Museum. Brief work.
Smith The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Egypt art Do you have a question about it? Open this book, you will find the answer you look for. It discusses the subject along every age of the ancient Egyptian history. (Only black-and-white pictures!)
  Cambridge Ancient History summary work Everything about ancient history.
Alberto Siliotti Egypt - Temples, Gods, Pharaohs summary work A huge book which provides informative essays and beautiful pictures about every field of the ancient Egyptian culture. The pictures worth every attention. Marvellous! (Born)
Agatha Christie Death on the Nile novel Egypt inspired the queen of crime-stories to write this story. A small company departs to have a nice cruise on the Nile and visit the magnificent monuments of Egypt. When somebody gets killed some of the passengers are not too happy to have the talented detective, Poirot on board. Few of us know that as the wife of an archaeologist she participated in excavations in the Near East herself. (ESzAH)

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