On this page we have selected a couple of our pictures and other goodies which we consider to be worth putting on your computer. If you like them you are welcome to download them to put them on. Check in time after time for new ones.


On the Wallpaper pages, clicking on any picture you can see it in high resolution (downloading them takes few minutes). Beside every pictures you can see three links, from where you can download the zipped bitmap-files.(Zipping them shortens the download time. You are advised to save unzipped files into your Windows folder.) Use them with health, and when you take a look on them, remember those ones, who created them - ankh, wedja, seneb* for them all.



Wallpapers - the first selection
(This page contains several picture files, which may be time consuming to download.)
This is our first selection of pictures for Windows wallpapers, what we gathered mainly from our own pictures, when we started this home page.
New!Wallpapers - the second selection
This page contains several picture files, which may be time consuming to download.)
This selection is the second set. This time we collected the pictures from different sources, but we present some of our own pictures, too.
Nokia operator and group logos If you have a Nokia 3210, 5110, 6110, 6150, 7110, 8210, 8810, 8850, or compatible handy, you can customize it downloading these Egypt-related operator and group logos. All you need to know about them is explained on this page.
New!Kemet animated cursor set
             (download; 23kb)
It is a zipped animated cursor set for Windows 95 Plus, Windows 98, Windows NT 4,0 and newer versions. A readme.txt explains how you can install them on your computer.
Icons (download; 7Kb) This zip file contains some Egypt-related icons to customize your desktop to the downloaded wallpapers. All of them made by Born with a icon editor made for Windows 3,0, so you won't expect out-of-this-world quality. But the design is worth to see, and it is small, takes no time to download, free, and looks nice in the Dustbin :o)

*ankh, udja, seneb - life, prosperity and health. Almost obligatory  greeting after the pharaoh's name.